Abandoned Vehicles on Private Land

Do you have abandoned vehicles on private land causing a nuisance, taking up parking spaces or looking a mess?
Then CMD Enforcement can help you remove these unauthorised vehicles safely and legally.

To instruct us to remove unauthorised or abandoned vehicles from your land - CLICK HERE

Our Services

CMD Enforcement are a leader in the removal of unauthorised vehicles on private land. We have over 24 years experience in abandoned vehicles and associated issues.
Our specialist agents can provide the following services to ensure the land is cleared:

  • All legal notices and warnings
  • Secure vehicle hand-over service
  • Planning and risk assessment of the operation to impound, including police liaison and support
  • Full impoundment service
  • Sale or disposal

Police Involvement

The police are informed when CMD Enforcement feel it is necessary that might be when serving the notice of eviction or when a physical eviction is taking place. The Department for communities and Local Government (February 2004) advises police presence be called upon to prevent a breach of the peace. The police will also assess the situation and if their findings are that the eviction is not appropriate, then it should always be delayed until an agreed time. If a landlord chooses to ignore the police advice, he/she may find that the eviction could result in an injury, assault or damage to a person or property.

**(Whilst you feel you may not need to take this action, once the vehicles are on your land you become responsible for them and any consequences that may occur as a result of the vehicles being there, such as; Road traffic accident, injuries to persons or damage to the vehicles.)**


Contact CMD Enforcement today for advice on your exact requirements along with any problems you are currently faced with.

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